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From national parks to picturesque mountains, Colorado has everything a vacationer needs for an adventure. With all there is to see, what will you choose to do in The Centennial State?

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For year-round entertainment, Fraser, CO, is a place to visit. No matter where you wander in the town, you’ll be surrounded by the beautiful Fraser River Valley. Need a car rental to get to the exciting outdoor attractions? Located 20 minutes away from Fraser, Avalanche Car Rentals, Inc. supplies reliable transportation for any journey. We offer quality car rentals and SUV rentals all at an affordable price. Contact us at (970) 887-3908 to request a quote today.

Where to Explore in Fraser, CO

When you get the keys to a car rental from, begin exploring all that Fraser has to offer:

  • Arapaho National Forest: During the summertime, visitors love this destination for its biking trails, campgrounds, and wildlife viewing opportunities. You can also travel to the area’s surrounding attraction, the scenic Grand Lake, for some watersport fun.
  • Granby Ranch: This four-season mountain community is frequented by skiers, mountain bikers, and golfers alike. The location also features cozy cabins and condominiums — perfect for a family outing or romantic getaway.
  • Winter Park Resort: From dogsled races to snowshoeing, there’s never a dull moment at this vacation hotspot. As one of the country’s top skiing destinations, the resort offers numerous winter activities.

The Avalanche Advantage

Avalanche Car Rentals, Inc. attracts both new and returning customers every year with our amazing benefits, including flexible payment options and complimentary driving miles. Located in Granby, we serve Fraser and the surrounding areas with our affordable vehicles. For more information, check out our FAQs and policies, or give us a call us at (970) 887-3908.