SUV & Car Rentals at the Grand County Airport

Colorado is known for its beautiful outdoor scenery, so renting an SUV for a trip is a must. Let Avalanche Car Rentals provide your ride if you plan a trip to Granby, Colorado, or the surrounding areas. Call us at (970) 887-3908. or contact us online to learn more.

Ready to Hit the Road?


Easy Rentals at the Granby/Grand County Airport

The only airport we serve is the Grand County Airport, located at Emily Warner Field in Granby. If you plan to arrive at the airport, let us know in advance, and we will drop your rental off for a fee. Restrictions may apply, so check our rental policies and FAQs.

Consider an SUV rental if you plan to go on outdoor excursions and need extra space and power.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable vehicles so customers can experience the beauty of Colorado to the fullest.

Personalized customer service that surpasses expectations.

Conveniently located near the Granby Airport and Amtrak station.

Get Around Grand County

Our part of Colorado is beautiful but rural. Don’t get stuck in a shuttle. You can’t go wrong with Avalanche Car Rentals to gain freedom and enjoy your vacation. We serve Granby, Colorado, and the surrounding areas, including Grand County, Grand Lake, Winter Park, and Fraser. Contact us online or call us at (970) 887-3908.


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