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Hyundai Sonata or Similar
  • Seating for Five Passengers
  • Automatic Transmission
  • AM/FM Stereo with CD Player
  • Front Wheel Drive

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Sedan Advantages

Comfortable, convenient, and affordable—our mid-size rental cars have all of the amenities you want. If you need a vehicle near Grand County, Avalanche Car Rentals, Inc. has an unparalleled fleet. In fact, our quality vehicles and helpful customer service make us the area’s premier car rental company. Feel free to contact us at (970) 887-3908 with any questions, or request a quote online today.

The highways now showcase vehicles of all sizes, shapes, and colors. You’ll see every extreme, from box-like Hummers to petite Smart Cars. Isn’t it time for a little balance? Classic sedans with modern makeovers, our mid-size rental cars don’t sacrifice functionality or style when they’re on the road. Below are some of their timeless advantages:

  • Comfort: One of the reasons sedans have never gone out of style is because comfort never goes out of style. Slightly larger than our economy car rentals, these vehicles offer plenty of headroom, legroom, and plush seating.
  • Fuel-Efficiency: In addition to easy handling, their streamlined size also gives them increased fuel-efficiency. This means that you’re emitting less carbon dioxide, in addition to saving money at the pump.
  • Affordability: If you want to rent a car without exceeding your budget, our mid-size model is a great option. You’ll receive an incredible car at a price you’re comfortable with.

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Why Choose Avalanche?

When you choose Avalanche Car Rentals, Inc., we give you more than just a vehicle. You’ll also receive helpful customer care that surpasses your expectations. For instance, we offer pickup and delivery to anywhere in east Grand County, including the nearby Amtrak stations. Please click here for more info about delivery and pickup as fees and restrictions may apply.

We also give all customers 75 free driving miles per day. Additionally, we accept cash and debit cards as payment, unlike many of our competitors who take only credit cards. 

Whether you’re renting a car for your commute to work or for your family vacation, looks forward to putting you on the road to success. If you need something larger, we also offer SUV rentals. If you want a child safety seat or a ski rack for your vehicle, we offer those as well. Contact us at (970) 887-3908 with any questions, or refer to our policies and frequently asked questions.